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Declaration of Matera

The trade unions, the NGOs, the associations of entrepreneurs that attended the International Conference organized in Matera on 7th and 8th June 2005 with the contribution of the European Union, undersigned the following declaration:

We confirm our commitment to build up:

a Europe based on equality and on the right of citizenship without discrimination based on race, sex and religion;
a Europe based on the work and on working rights;
a Europe that confirms and consolidates the enlargement process.

As for the strengthening of the judicial system and the affirmation of legality principles we highlight the priority and common actions to fight against corruption at national, European and international levels.

A European Forum against corruption shall be established in order to gather and involve trade unions, NGOs and associations of entrepreneurs. The European Forum shall implement a common action to inform, to mobilize, to fight against corruption, to strengthen working rights for socio-economic and environmentally-friendly development, for the dialogue with institutions and with the political world of the relative countries at both European and international levels.

The European Forum against corruption shall:

1. Promote common actions in several European countries, first of all in the countries represented in the Conference of Matera;
2. Disseminate good practices among European countries;
3. Highlight and claim national and transnational systems of corruption;
4. Coordinate trade unions, NGOs and associations of entrepreneurs.

The relative countries have the following priorities to fight against corruption.


- Interaction between civil society organizations (trade unions, employers’ associations, NGOs) for development of legal and institutional environment, unfavourable for corruption;
- Strengthening of the judicial system and law enforcement agencies for preventing and combating corruption and organised crime;
- Further development of corruption monitoring mechanisms and corruption measuring indexes.


- Strengthening the social dialogue in the fight against corruption within the institutions operating in this field;
- Transparency in the decision making process within socio-economic activities;
- Monitoring the public procurement by the social partners;
- Education;


- Raising awareness and training on legal knowledge (education, training, campaigns) among employees;
- Cooperation among trade unions, political parties, state administration, local governments, employers’ associations and NGOs to combat corruption and avoid development of social trap situations which are leading to corruption;
- International cooperation among trade unions on issues related to cross-border commuting, migration of employees in order to combat undocumented work, especially in the fields of construction, transport and personal services.


- Fight against hidden and irregular work;
- Dissemination of legality protocols;
- Monitoring the public procurement legality (private and public works) and advance bargaining on working rights in public procurements including foreign workers (immigrants);
- Adjustment of law on corruption of public officers (OCDE treaty,…)
- Adjustment of funds and reinforcement of the fight against organized crime at national and international levels.

In order to make the commitments of this Declaration operative we agree:

  • To establish a focal point in each country to coordinate and disseminate information in its national network;

  • To use the logo of the conference as the identification of the Forum;

  • To use the relative web sites and make them available to disseminate the deliverables;

  • To distribute digitally the material produced in the Conference of Matera within the shortest time;

  • To elaborate the next common proposal of information and awareness-raising to submit to the European Union;

Matera, 8th June 2005

The Declaration is undersigned by:

The representatives of the delegations of:


CITUB-Confederation of the Independent Trade Union in Bulgaria, Center for the Study of Democracy, UPEE-Union of Private Economic Enterprising,


CGIL Nazionale (Dip.to Internazionale, Ufficio Sicurezza e Legalità) , FILLEA, Funzione Pubblica, Progetto Sviluppo, CGIL Basilicata, CGIL Campania, CGIL Molise,


Trade Union BNS, Entrepreneurs UGIR, Civil Society Media Monitoring Agency, (Lawyer at Bucharest Bar)


MSZOSZ-National Confederation Of Hungarian Trade Union, Director Centre for European Employment Studies of MTA-PTI
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