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Round Table Counteracting Corruption in the Ministry of Interior
The results from the implementation of the communication strategy for counteracting corruption in the system of the Ministry of Interior, developed on a twinning project between the Ministries of Interior of Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, were presented at a round table at hotel Rila in Sofa on 17 May, 2005. Participants in the discussion, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Rumen Stoilov, were representatives of the UK Ministry of Interior and Scotland Yard, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bulgaria, the Delegation of the European Commission and the Bulgarian counterparts – the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior, experts from the Ministry’s departments and academies, media and non-governmental organizations.

The participants in the round table acknowledged the special role played by the Transparency Group. It was comprised of members of nongovernmental organizations and performed advisory functions on the project. Mr. Peter Storr from the British Home Office defined this approach for increasing transparency in the Ministry of Interior as “ground-breaking” and admitted that very few ministries in the EU work in such a close cooperation with the civil society. Mr. David Wolstenholme, a Pre-Accession Advisor, at the Ministry of Interior also expressed his gratitude towards the representatives of non-governmental organization and the special role played by Coalition 2000.

Gen. Chavdar Chervenkov, a senior expert at the Center for Study of Democracy, shared with the participants in the round table that the Bulgarian society saw the Ministry of Interior as one of the major pillars of the state and that fact required a high degree of trust in its employees. He expressed his hopes that the Ministry will continue its open and transparent policy since it contributed to the increase of public confidence over the recent years.

Ministry of Interior
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