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Additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy
At the end of March 2005, with a Decision # 223/ 30.03.2005, the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria adopted Additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy and the Program for its implementation for the period of 2004 – 2005.

The Decision created a new article 1.7, which aims at stimulating the adoption and implementation of measures for counteracting corruption at the “higher levels” of power. Some of those measures include:

• Development and adoption of an Ethical Code for ministers and politically appointed civil servants in the executive power;
• Introduction of compulsory training for the members of the political cabinets on implementing measures for counteracting corruption, managing conflict of interests and improving professional ethics;
• Introduction of training for the chairs of the state agencies, the directors of executive agencies and the members of the state commissions involved in issues regarding: counteracting corruption, management of conflict of interest and professional ethics;
• Establishment of a joint committee with business representatives in order to create a public-private partnership for counteracting corruption in the business sector and the “higher levels” of power;
• Developing and adopting of additional measures to improve the control over the spending of resources from EU funds and monitoring the execution of concession contracts.

Full text of the Additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy (only in Bulgarian) (TIF, 168 Kb)
National Anticorruption Strategy (adopted with Decision #671/01.10.2001, Council of Ministers)

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