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Transparency International Released its Global Corruption Report for 2005
On 16 March, 2005 Transparency International released its Global Corruption Report 2005. The report focuses on corruption in the construction sector. It reveals how corruption in the construction sector undermines economic development, and threatens to hamstring post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq and beyond. To mark the publication of the Global Corruption Report 2005, TI also launched its Minimum Standards for Public Contracting, setting out a blueprint for transparent public procurement.

The report reveals corruption to be greater in construction than in any other sector of the economy. The scale of corruption is magnified by the size and scope of the sector, which ranges from transport infrastructure and power stations to domestic housing. Corruption affects both private and public players as they vie for their share of the global construction market of around US ,200 billion per year. The opportunity costs are tremendous, and they hit the poor hardest. Were it not for corruption in construction, vastly more money could be spent on health and education and more developing countries would have a sustainable future supported by a functioning market economy and the rule of law.

More information about Global Corruption Report 2005
Highlights from the Report (PDF, 224 Kb)
Transparency International’s Minimum Standards for Public Contracting (MS Word, 28.5 Kb)
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