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Transparency International Launched the Integrity Awards Competition for 2005
In March 2005, Transparency International announced its sixth Integrity Awards Competition. The deadline for submission of nominations is 1 July 2005 at 17:00GMT.

The Transparency International Integrity Awards were created to recognize the courage and determination of the many individuals and organisations fighting corruption around the world. The Integrity Awards winners are a source of inspiration to the anti-corruption movement because their actions echo a common message: that corruption is surmountable.

Launched in 2000, the Integrity Awards honor the bravery of individuals and organzsations around the globe whose efforts are making a distinct difference in curbing corruption. The Competition's goal is to give greater recognition to the efforts of journalists, civil society activists, government and corporate “whistleblowers”, who work to investigate and unmask corruption, often at great personal risk.

The results of the Integrity Awards will be announced in October 2005. The Integrity Awards ceremony will take place in November 2005.

Guidelines for nominations
More information on the 2005 Competition
Integrity Awards Winners (2000-2004)
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