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New Initiative of Bulgarian Business Against Corruption
On 23 February, 2005 the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, Bulgarian International Business Association and the Bulgarian Bureau for Business and Congress Tourism announced a Declaration against corruption. More than 360 companies in Bulgaria supported the Declaration, including foreign investors, banks and insurance companies, industrial enterprises, export and import associations, business associations, etc. The Declaration starts with the motto: Bribery: Nothing Justifies It!

As a response to the proposals made by the business companies, the Bulgarian government drafted additions to the National Anticorruption Strategy, which will be adopted in a short time. Those additions to the Strategy foresee the creation of a joint committee with business and government representatives in order to restrain corruption among the entrepreneurs and in the “upper levels” of governmental offices. The joint committee will discuss and approve a set of stimuli for the firms, which work actively against corruption practices in business dealings. The additions to the Strategy also envisage the development of additional measures for control over the EU funds to be absorbed by the Bulgarian economy in the period of EU accession.

The business companies, on their part, propose to the Bulgarian government a set of 11 measures, which should be adopted in a short time in order to restrain corruption. Some of those measures include: the introduction of e-government, adopting appropriate lobbying laws, creation of an independent committee to the Council of Ministers to investigate corruption cases.

Full text of the Declaration
A list of the companies supporting the declaration
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