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The National Institute for Scientific Research (France), The Center for the Study of Democracy, The National Institute of Justice (Bulgaria) and the French Institute in Sofia organize a conference

Reforms Of The Regulating Institutions In The Context Of Transition To Democracy, European Integration And Globalisation : The Judicial System And The Controlling Of Banking And Financial Institutions

Friday 26            French Institute

9h-9h30               Introduction

Session 1               A policy analysis perspective on judicial reforms  


Thierry Delpeuch and Margarita Vassileva


Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

Groupe d’analyse des politiques publiques (GAPP)


The public policies of international cooperation in the field of judicial reforms in EEC


Jacques Commaille


Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Groupe d’analyse des politiques publiques (GAPP)


Judicial reform as political issue: the case of territorial reorganization of judiciary in France and Brazil

10h30-11h00          Discussion

11h00-11h15          Pause


Cécile Vigour

Junior researcher

Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan

Groupe d’analyse des politiques publiques (GAPP)


International comparison of judicial reforms in France, Italy and Belgium: a policy analysis approach


Liubka Ilieva

Deputy Chief Director of Supreme Court of Cassation

General review of commercial reform in Bulgaria: problems and challenges

12h15-12h45      Discussion

12h45-13h45      Buffet     (French Institute)

Session 2      A sociological perspective on judicial reforms     (National Institute of Justice)


Yves Dezalay

Senior researcher

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Centre de sociologie européenne (CSE)


Clientelist Justice in `Dependant States : Structural flaws of Imported Modernization Strategies


Bryant Garth

Professor and Senior research fellow at the American Bar Foundation

Professional division of labor within hegemonic politics: Reinventing «Law & Developement» as «Rule of Law & Governance»




Kina Tchoutourkova

Lawyer, Borislav Boqnov & Co, Sofia


Registration System in Bulgaria

15h30-16h00         Discussion   

16h00-16h15         Pause


Plamen Tchipev

Bulgarian Academy of Science and Associate
Professor in
University of Veliko Turnovo

Property Rights Protection within the Approach of Modern Law and Economics


Vanuhi Arakelyan

Chief of Varna District Court in Bulgaria


General issues on bankruptcy and liquidation in Bulgarian commercial law


Marie-Hélène Giroux

Junior researcher, University of Montreal

Centre de recherche sur le droit public

The Effects of the accession process on EEC legal systems: the case of minority rights in Hungary

17h45-18h15         Discussion

Saturday 27  National Institute of Justice

Session 3               Reforms of the controlling of banking and financial institutions



Maria Yordanova, PhD, Director of Program, Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy

Dimitar Markov, Project Coordinator,

Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy

Reform of the Registration System in Bulgaria and Improvement of the Environment for Financing the Finance and Business Institutions


Nadine Levratto

Senior researcher, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) - Institutions et dynamiques historiques de l’économie (IDHE)


The legal order and the functionning of bank credit market in Bulgaria



Gérôme Sgard

Senior researcher

University Paris-Dauphine, Centre d’études prospectives et d’information internationale (CEPII)


The political economy of bankruptcy law in post-communist countries


11h30-12h00        Discussion

12h00-14h30        Dejeuner   (Invitation : French Institute)         


Ole Hammerslev

Assistant Professor, Department of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Southern Denmark


The battle for judicial reforms in Bulgaria


Thierry Apoteker

International consultant

Managing Director TAC

Systemic banking risks in transition countries: issues and current situation in Eastern and Central Europe

16h00-16h30        Discussion and Conclusion

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