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Second Edition of the Corruption in 100 Answers Manual (only in Bulgarian)
The Corruption in 100 Answers manual was published on 15 November, 2004.

The manual is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions about corruption and aims at supporting anticorruption education. Despite the fact that many of the definitions in the manual are debatable and subject to opposing viewpoints, the publication unites the predominant views of the experts, the Bulgarian legislature, the current European standards and the essence of the domestic and international publications.

The manual could be used as a resource for trainings and lectures on anticorruption topics in the secondary schools and universities and will aide the teaching of elective courses on anticorruption introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science in the fall of 2004 in the Bulgarian secondary schools. The manual could be also useful for trainings and seminars for civil servants at public institutions which try to implement ethical codices of conduct and to improve transparency in public services provision to citizens.

The authors of the manual are Dr. Emil Tsenkov, Senior Fellow, the Center for the Study of Democracy; Krassimir Dobrev, journalist, Sega Daily, prof. Liliana Strakova, Department of Pedagogy, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Second Edition of the Corruption in 100 Answers Manual (available only in Bulgarian), 2004
First edition of the Manual Corruption in 100 Answers (available only in Bulgarian), 2000
Anticorruption Education Manual (available only in Bulgarian) , 2003
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