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Public Presentation of the Corruption in 100 Answers Handbook and the Electronic Manual Anticorruption and Citizenship
On 25 November, 2004, at the Center for Study of Democracy, Coalition 2000 and Foundation Paidea organized a public discussion and a joint presentation of the Corruption in 100 Answers handbook and the electronic manual Anticorruption and Citizenship.

Corruption in 100 Answers handbook of Coalition 2000 contains the answers to the hundred most frequently asked questions about corruption and aims at facilitating anticorruption education.

The electronic manual of Foundation Paidea is produced under the project: Anticorruption and Citizens - Education Manual in Social Science and Civic Education for the Upper Classes in the Secondary Schools, implemented within the framework of the Civil Society Against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000 and financed by the United States Agency for International Development. The electronic version of the Anticorruption and Citizenship manual will be launched at the web site of Foundation Paidea on 6 December, 2004.

Both manuals will be used as tools for teaching and lecturing on anticorruption topics in the secondary and higher education institutions and will aide the teaching of the elective classes on Anticorruption introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science in the fall of 2004 in the secondary schools. The manuals could be used for seminars and trainings of public officials working in state institutions, which adopt ethic codices of conduct and try to improve transparency in the delivery of public services to citizens.

Corruption in 100 Answers Manual (available only in Bulgarian)
Presentation of electronic manual Anticorruption and Citizenship (available only in Bulgarian) (MS Powerpoint, 100 Kb)
Electronic manual Anticorruption and Citizenship (only in Bulgarian)
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