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International conference: Justice, Financial System, Business
On 26-27 November 2004 the Center for the Study of Democracy co-organized the first of a series of three international conferences on Reforms of the Regulating Institutions in the Context of Transition to Democracy, European Integration and Globalisation, together with the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, the French Institute in Sofia, and the National Institute of Justice (Bulgaria).

The forum was opened by Mr. Anton Stankov, Minister of Justice of Republic of Bulgaria, and was dedicated to reform experiences in the judicial system and the banking sector in countries such as Italy, Belgium, France, Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Indonesia and Singapore. The major issues of discussion were:

  • the impact of national and international factors on judicial reform in Bulgaria;

  • the necessity of further surveys of the mechanisms through which the different institutions, including banks and courts, the jurists and magistrates, national traditions, financial crises and the opening of the markets contribute to the development of the new legislation;

  • the relationship between policy and justice - in some countries (e.g. Belgium) the process is mostly political, while in others (e.g. Italy), the ideas for reform come mainly from the magistrates and lawyers;

  • the pros and cons of specialized courts and possible solutions of the problem such as partial specialization only of some court departments;

  • who should be responsible for commercial registration – the courts, the executive or the chambers of commerce.

    The representatives of the academia and NGOs recommended this activity to be handed over to the executive in order to reduce the work-load of the courts. Judges opposed the idea because they claim “the procedures are complex and they lie within their competence by law”.

  • The Center for the Study of Democracy has been working in a public-private partnership on commercial registration reform for three years now and has identified some major problems in the system: lack of any connection between the different registries throughout the country, inefficiency, lack of transparency and unnecessarily high workload for courts. The proposed measures for improvement encompass the following stages:

    - the establishment of Central Electronic Register of Legal Entities, inclidung Central Commercial Register, Central Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities, etc.;

    - the establishment Electronic Registries Center;

    - the integration or connection of other registries to the Electronic Registries Center.

    Program of the conference
    The Role of the Registration Reform in Bulgaria and Improvement of the Business Climate and the Finance Institutions - presentation by Dr. Maria Yordanova, Director of the Law Program and Mr. Dimitar Markov, Project Coordinator to the Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy (in Bulgarian)
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