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CEU Announces University Anticorruption Course Development Competition for 2005
In October 2004 the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) of the Central European University, sponsored by the Higher Education Support Program of Open Society Institute (HESP) announced its annual Course Development Competition (CDC). CDC is intended to encourage faculty from East-Central Europe, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia to develop and introduce new university courses at their institutions in 2005. Applicants are invited to prepare a one or two semester long course in the following discipline areas:

1. Environmental and Sustainability Planning
2. Literature and Gender
3. History
4. Political Science / International Relations
5. Analytic Philosophy
6. Courses on Corruption
7. Courses on Issues Related to Roma

Proposed courses should be innovative in content, methodology and teaching approach. Courses on Corruption are expected to cover topics related to recognizing, reducing and preventing corruption in various sectors of the society (public and private), by investigating the causes and costs of corruption, possible anti-corruption initiatives, responses and reforms, etc. Courses taught at economics, legal studies, public policy and other social science departments could also familiarize students with the existing anti-corruption legislation in a specific country or region, legal measures to tackle bribery, methods of adapting policies and management practices, and the use of new technology to combat corruption.

The mission of the program is to contribute to the development of higher education in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union and Mongolia by increasing academics' capacity to introduce innovative courses, modern teaching approaches and new academic areas in the curricula of their home universities. The CDC program aims at helping universities to update old curricula, introduce innovative, multidisciplinary, specialized, and regionally relevant courses.

The competition is open to individuals and groups for 10 month grants, which include monthly individual stipends, an allowance for book purchases, preparing teaching materials, photocopying, etc., as well as additional travel costs and administrative expenses in the case of group grants.

The application deadline is 25 November 2004.
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