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Financing Private Firms in Bulgaria
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The strengthening of the market forces in the economy of Bulgaria is related to the stability and development of the private initiative. Given the stagnation in the state-owned and municipal businesses the private sector is the only one, which is dynamic and provides prospects for future development of the national economy. It is much relied on to create a new economic environment, which makes it necessary to provide conditions for boosting its vitality and expansion.

The lack of reliable information on the Bulgarian private sector makes difficult the study of the quantitative and qualitative parameters of its development. The statistical system, which does keep pace with the new realities, the ever-changing normative documents and the unfinished tax reform are the main reasons which prevent from covering all private firms, the workforce actual perating capital, the wages, etc. The fact that the tax payments do not reflect the financial clout of the private business and that it is impossible to estimate the shift of capital and revenue from the state to the private sector makes the latter's actual presence and influence in the national economy hard to asses.
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