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Coalition 2000 Announced a Third Competition Round for Journalistic Materials Investigating Corruption
Coalition 2000 announced a third competition round for journalistic materials investigating corruption cases. The submissions should be published or broadcast in 2004.

For the first time the applicant submissions in the competition will be divided into two categories: print and electronic (radio and TV). The winning entries will be announced on an official awards ceremony in March 2005. Two winners will be selected in each category, as the authors of the winning materials will receive a specially designed statuette.

Submissions in the competition could be made both by their authors, as well as by their colleagues, readers and/or viewers. Each author can be nominated only with one submission. Materials published in print media could be submitted both on paper and electronically, but should be accompanied by a Xerox copy of the publication in the respective media. Materials broadcast on electronic media should be submitted on an audio or a video tape accompanied by a printed text.

The materials would be reviewed by a jury panel comprised of media experts as the major evaluation criteria will be:

- the extent of public reaction and the effect of the material on counteracting corruption;
- the professional merit and quality of the submission.

Entries in the competition are welcome by 31 January, 2005 at the following address:
Center for study of Democracy
Coalition 2000: Journalism Awards Competition
5 Alexander Zhendov Str., 1113 Sofia

For more information on the event, please call: 02.9713000, ext. 432

Journalism awards ceremony for aricles investigating corruption cases published in 2003
Journalism awards ceremony for aricles investigating corruption cases published in 2002
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