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Priority Infrastructure Projects in Transport and Communications
The International Business Club organized on April 11, 2000 a business breakfast on "Priority Infrastructure Projects in Transport and Communications" at the Center for the Study of Democracy, which was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, international organizations and financial institutions, local and foreign companies.
Mr. Antoni Slavinsky introduced the Government's transport policy, which is being developed in compliance with the EU accession requirements, keeping to the following major targets:
Approximating the national legislation with the European one in the field of rail, air and sea transport; transport infrastructure development; setting up conditions for co-operation among public and private sectors and providing for joint investments; establishing a competitive environment in various sectors and attracting foreign investments. A recommendation to the Government to endeavor further to attract foreign investors in transport and communications was emphasized by Mr. Tomas O'Brien. The elaboration of the national legislation, establishing of transparency and restricting of corruption are the preconditions, which would contribute for the realization of the Government's ambitious investment program. During the years to come Bulgaria would have to modernize her infrastructure in order to serve effectively the economic activities.
Mr. Slavinsky answered questions regarding the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company's privatization deal, building up of a second bridge on the Danube and the opportunities for involving foreign companies in this project, the co-ordination of the Government's activities and the private sector for the realization of priority infrastructure projects.
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