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Round Table Civil Society against Corruption
Coalition 2000's partners shared experience and discussed possible application of best practices on counteracting corruption on April 26, 2004 at the Center for Study of Democracy. The partner organizations also presented the intermediate results of their projects, implemented during 2004 under the program Civil Society Against Corruption. The participants were also acquainted with the anticorruption initiatives of the Committee for coordination of the work on combat with corruption at the Council of Ministers, Chief Tax Agency, as well as with project Open Government Initiative of the United States Agency for International Development

The participants in the three working groups discussed the completed activities on their respective projects during the first quarter of 2004. The major intermediate results achieved so far in the three thematic project areas include:

- Anticorruption education working group: development of educational programs for teachers in anticorruption; development of a model for anticorruption education, which includes site visits of students and acquaintance with the institutions;

- Typology and counteraction to corruption in the public sphere working group: development of a Charter for combating corruption with the participation of the local business and nongovernmental organizations in the city of Velingrad; opening of a reception desk for citizens for submitting grievances on corruption practices in the health sector in the city of Pernik;

- Creation and development of the Ombudsman institution working group: presentation of the activities on creation of the Ombudsman institution in the municipalities of Banite, Razgrad and Botevgrad, as well as the introduction of the “school intermediary” position in three high schools in Plovdiv. The newly elected ombudsman of Banite municipality – Mrs. Zorka Kapirova and of Botevgrad municipality – Mr. Vassil Vassilev acquainted the participants with the procedures for their election adopted by the local municipal councils.

Agenda of the round table
Projects, implemented in the framework of Civil Society Against Corruption 2004 Small Grants Program
Projects, implemented in the framework of Civil Society Against Corruption 2003 Small Grants Program
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