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Press Conference for Announcing the Preliminary Results from a Survey Corruption Practices in the Tax Administration
On June 30, 2004, Coalition 2000 and Vitosha Research presented the results from a survey Corruption Practices in the Tax Administration, which was conducted in the period April 6 – 14, 2004. The study is part of the Corruption Monitoring System of Coalition 2000 and was conducted in cooperation with the Center for Comparative Studies in the framework of the Civil Society Against Corruption Program. It was conducted at all the Territorial Tax Directorates and their subdivisions in the 28 regions of the country among 699 tax administration officials.

The presentation Corruption monitoring by Coalition 2000 (the tax administration officials’ point of view) emphasized the major finding and conclusions drawn from the data of the survey.

Some of the more interesting and important conclusions from the study are:

- Major problems in tax system as defined by its employees are: the low salaries, ambiguous legislature and frequent changes in the tax laws, obsolete facilities and poor work conditions, as well as the big bureaucracy as evidenced by complex and lengthy procedures;

- The interviewed employees give a high score about the quality of their own work and do not think that the tax system lacks professionals, professional ethics or quality service for the citizens;

- Most of the measures undertaken so far towards tax policy reform are qualified as positive. They include: the reduction of tax burden in the Law for Taxation of the Incomes of Natural Persons; the introduction of VAT account; creation of tax police at the Ministry of Finance; establishment of uniform income administration;

- The most frequent fraud attempts in the process of income collection are made with respect to the application of the VAT law, whereas most prone to hiding their tax and social-security obligations are the firms registered under the VAT law;

- Six out of every ten interviewees think that citizens who offer bribes to tax officials are to be punished with equal severity like the tax officials and would take measures to sanction a corruption deal, if they become witnesses to such a deal.

The results obtained during the survey will serve as a basis for developing concrete measures and set of indicators, for monitoring the effectiveness of those measures, in cooperation with the tax authorities at all levels. Based on the survey results, a complete report with recommendations for short-term and purposive measures for restricting corruption in the organization of human resources and the activities of the tax administration will be published in September 2004.

Text of the presentation Corruption monitoring by Coalition 2000 (the tax administration officials’ point of view) (available only in Bulgaria) (PDF, 326 kb)

Media coverage (available only in Bulgarian)
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