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Ombudsman to fight corruption in Veliko Turnovo since April 1, 2002
The local ombudsman or civil observer institution, created to protect civil and public rights from public officials' malpractice and corruption of the administrative authorities, is initiated in Veliko Turnovo from April 1, 2002. The institution is implemented within the framework of the project of the European Information Center in Veliko Turnovo, which is sponsored with 521 by the Democratic Commission Program of the US Embassy.

The 26-year old lawyer Hristo Ormandjiev, who will be the acting local ombudsman, will do his duties in accordance with a statute book, accepted by the Veliko Turnovo Municipal Council. Citizens may address Mr. Ormandjiev to complain from the municipal departments' officials, about housing and administrative service problems, trading licenses etc. The ombudsman however cannot take a stand on education issues or problems within the competence of the Executive power.
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