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Report of the Activities of the Combating Corruption Committee at the 39 National Assembly for the Period 2002-2003
In June, 2004 the Combating Corruption Committee (CCC) at the 39 National Assembly of Bulgaria presented the report of its activities for the first year of its establishment: September, 2002 – December, 2003.

The Committee is comprised of 24 Members of the Parliament (MPs). It is chaired by Mr. Kosta Kostov from National Movement Simeon the Second. Deputy-chairs are: Mr. Ramadan Atalai from Movement Rights and Freedoms, Mr. Yordan Sokolov from the parliamentary group of the United of Democratic Forces and Mr. Radoslav Ilievski from Coalition Bulgaria. The major objectives of CCC are:
• Reviewing draft laws and preparation of reports, proposals and suggestions, if the Committee considers that the legal norms in them establish conditions for creation and spread of corruption;
• Exercising parliamentary control;
• Coordination of the efforts and activities of the different authorities (legal, executive and judiciary) towards a joint strategy for counteracting corruption.

CCC is comprised of three working groups:
Working group for initiating of changes in the legal norms;
Working group for information and preparation of opinions on written materials submitted for review at the Committee ;
Working group for public relations and coordination with other governmental institutions (judiciary and human rights) and nongovernmental organizations.

During the report period CCC had 29 sessions and reviewed 355 written materials (complaints, suggestions, requests, enquiries, etc.). Some of those materials had been referred for a competent opinion and answer to other organs of the executive and judiciary authorities.

The full text of the report of Combating Corruption Committee, 2002-2003 (available only in Bulgarian) (PDF, 233 kb)

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