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Closing meeting on Project Talks on Anticorruption
A closing meeting on Talks on Anticorruption Project took place on July 12, 2004 at the Center for Study of Democracy. The project was implemented by Roditeli Association within the framework of Civil Society against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000.

The participants in the meeting discussed the results from the lectures on anticorruption topics and the surveys preceding and following those lectures, which were conducted in three Sofia secondary schools. 69% of the interviewed students share the opinion that such lectures should be taught at school. The primary objective of the project was to breed an anticorruption “culture” as part of the civic education of the students and to contribute to the creation of a clear strategy for anticorruption education in the secondary schools. To achieve that objective two variants for introducing of anticorruption themes in the curricula were tested within the project framework.

The project took place in the period April – June, 2004 in three Sofia schools: 101st and 73rd secondary schools and Professional School for Hotel and Restaurant Management. The selection of those particular schools attempted to exemplify the introduction of anticorruption education in schools in different regions of Sofia and with students from different social and economic backgrounds. More than 1000 students from 9th till 12th grade took place in the project. The actual “testing” of anticorruption topics was implemented in two variants and was monitored by philosophy teachers in the respective schools:

1. Variant 1 involved introduction of anticorruption topics for students from 9th till 11th grade in the so called Class of the Custodian, which is conducted once per week during the school year.
2. Variant 2 involved introduction of anticorruption topics in the following subjects: Ethics and Law for students in 10th grade and World and Personality for students in 12th grade.

The complete survey results and the conclusions made by the project team will be available on the web page of Roditeli Association.

More details on Civil Society Against Corruption Programof Coalition 2000.
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