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CSD Policy Brief No. 51: Mapping anti-corruption enforcement instruments
Full text (Adobe PDF, 174 KB)

Over the past decade or so, the global political preoccupation with corruption has been matched by extensive research and the design of various ways of measuring its level in society. The resulting abundance of measurement and monitoring instruments have allowed a better understanding of its dynamics and have informed the design of some anticorruption policies. The current stage of anticorruption thinking, therefore, opens the opportunity of at least two additional paths of exploration – a critical review of the measurement and monitoring tools in existence and an examination of possible gaps in these tools. The results of the review of measurement tools have informed the design of a Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation (MACPI) tool which is intended to evaluate the anticorruption preparedness of public organisations by identifying areas of corruption vulnerability. The findings indicate that while the enforcement of anticorruption policies has been prioritised by international institutions and national governments, the tools for evaluating this enforcement have not been developed.
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