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Third Training Seminar on Anticorruption Topics for High School Students in Sliven
The third and final training seminar for high school students on anticorruption topics took place on September 25, 26 and 27, 2004 in Sliven. The trainings were initiated by the Board of Trustees of Dobri Chintulov Secondary School in Sliven in the framework of the Civil Society Against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000.

The following topics were discussed during the seminar:

• Good practices for high-school students behavior in situations exposing them to corruption risks;
• Developing models for good reactions and dealing with corruption cases;
• Skills for argumentation and defending a standpoint;
• Methods and means for peer education.

A guest lecturer at the third seminar was Mrs. Hristina Cholakova, district governor of Sliven district. Mrs. Cholakova delivered a lecture on the following two topics: The Functions of the District Government as a Representative of the National Government and The Two Faces of Power. The first topic of the lecture elucidated the functions of the district administration, governor and directorates; the interventions of the district government at the local level; the relations between the district and local authorities. The discussion on the second topic concentrated on issues like: misuse of administrative powers, mechanisms for citizens control over civil servants, notorious case-studies from the recent months on cases involving abuse of power.

A diploma award ceremony took place at the end of the seminar for the participants in the anticorruption trainings. 21 students from 5 high schools in Sliven received a diploma and a copy of the Bulgarian constitution. The diplomas were bestowed by the district governor Mrs. Cholakova.

Diplomas received by the participants in the training (available only in Bulgarian
Results from the final survey among the participants in the training (available only in Bulgarian)
First training seminar, 25-26 June, 2004
Second training seminar, 10-12 September, 2004
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