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Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector, South Africa
From August 6 to 8, 2003, a conference discussing the issues of fraud and corruption in South Africa took place in Centurion, SA. The need for this conference was inspired by the common perception that fraud and corruption in South Africa are seriously undermining the market economy system, which is supposed to be free and fair, and democracy under which people expect to be ruled by a just and equalitarian government and by the rule of law over power implemented by an independent, uncorrupt and fair judicial system.

The major problem facing those engaged in the battle against fraudulent and corrupt practices are that these crimes are dealt with secretly – they are hard to detect and less susceptible to reactive policing, and also difficult to investigate.

During the conference on fraud and corruption, the following issues were addressed:
• Corruption assessment: local, regional and international
• Blacklisting companies and public servants
• Combating unethical activities through building an ethical organizational culture
• Effective implementation of whistle-blowing structures within your organization
• Intra-Organizational Loss and How Behavior Modification Programs can Prevent Fraud
• Employee screening methods: components of successful background and reference checks
• Building an Ethical Organizational Culture: The Context for Combating Unethical Activities
• The Impact of Corruption on the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of a Country
• Zero Tolerance Policies

Conference details
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