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New Report of the Ministry of Finance titled Education: Current State, Problems and Opportunities
At the beginning of August 2004 the newly established Department on Macroeconomic and Sector Analyses at the Ministry of Finance made the first attempt for a critical review of the education in Bulgaria through the preparation of a report titled Education: Current State, Problems and Opportunities.

The report consists of several chapters as the ones that attract the biggest public attention are the chapters on financing secondary and higher education and teachers’ payment since the utilized methods for financial resources disbursements are not transparent and create premises for corruption. The main chapters in the report are:

The educational system after 1989
Preschool education
Primary school education: problems
Primary school education: perspectives
Professional education after 7th and 8th grade and after secondary education
Higher education: problems and perspectives
Teachers: current status and payment
Management and financing of secondary education.

The report ends with the following major recommendations:
- Partnerships should be developed in two directions. On one hand, these are the partnerships between the stakeholders in the public sector. These include: Ministry of Education and Science, municipalities, the school inspectorates, universities and schools;
- The second direction for establishing successful partnerships is between the public and private sector, including: unions, professional organizations, nongovernemental organizations, businesses and citizens.

Full text of the Report and more details on the discussion (available only in Bulgarian)
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