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Round Table on Financing and Control of Political Parties
A round table on the proposed amendments to the legislation on political parties and audits on their financing was organized by the USAID-funded Open Government Initiative , the National Audit Office of Bulgaria and the anticorruption initiative Coalition 2000 on June 6, 2003.
The round table participants discussed the major problems, concerning the financing and the audits on the financing of political parties in Bulgaria, proposed legislative changes, and specific mechanisms for enhancing transparency and reporting on the financing of political parties.

Participants included MPs, members of the legislature, non-profit organizations and representatives of the National Audit Office, as well as international experts.

The discussion was opened by Ms. Debra Mc Farland, USAID Mission Director for Bulgaria and Mr. Robert Page, Principal of DPK Consulting and OGI acting chief of party.

The experience of Great Britain and Germany in political parties’ legislation and financing was presented by Mr. Yves Doublet, Director of the Institute for Legal Studies at the Parliament of France.

Mr. Gregorio Cunado, Director of Department at the Spanish Court of Auditors, presented the experience of the Spanish Court of Auditors and Mr. Daniel Smilov, Hungary – the East European practices on political party laws and elections.

Mr. Yves Doublet and Mr. Georgi Nikolov, President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office made recommendations for amendments in the Bulgarian Political Parties Law.

Round table discussion on Financing of Political Parties , organized by Coalition 2000 on December 2, 2002

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