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Closing Meeting on Project Attracting Business to Participate More Effectively in Anti-Corruption Activities in Velingrad District
On September 24, 2004 at the Center for Business and Information in Velingrad, the Center for Economic Development organized a closing meting on the project Attracting Business to Participate More Effectively in Anti-Corruption Activities in Velingrad District. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives of business organizations, the Chair of the municipal council in Velingrad, Mr. Nedzhat Kehayov and the local authorities in the municipality of Velingrad and guests from the municipalities where UNDP’s Jobs Program supports business centers and business incubators. The purpose of the meeting was the experience of municipality of Velingrad in the establishment and implementation of practical mechanisms for counteracting corruption through public-private partnerships, with the active involvement of the business, to be shared and applied in other Bulgarian municipalities. The project was implemented within the framework of the Civil Society Against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000.

The participants in the meeting were acquainted with the progress and the practical results from the project and the importance of the Anticorruption Charter signed by representatives of the local authorities, businesses, citizens and media. The discussions during the meeting emphasized the importance of attracting business organizations in counteracting corruption due to the negative impact it had on the business development. The meeting also underlined the fact that the active participation in this process by the businesses could give an impetus in the efforts of a number of other organizations and institutions for counteracting corruption in Bulgaria.

The Anticorruption Charter is an open document and each organization that accepts its principles could sign it. The text of the Charter could be found at the Center for Business and Information and at the Municipality of Velingrad, at the office of the Chair of the municipal council.

Text of the Anticorruption Charter
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