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Sociological Program: 2011 - ANNUAL ACTIVITIES

In 2011, the Sociological program, which in 2009 resumed its function as an autonomous structural unit within CSD, developed and implemented studies on key socio-economic fields at the national and European levels.

2011 Highlights

  • Policies for the integration of of migrants and vulnerable groups: The program developed methods and indicators to assess the results and impacts of policies for the integration of migrants. With its substantive knowledge of policy areas directly related to integration, in 2011 the Sociological Program expanded its scope of expertise by extending its analyses and research to other vulnerable groups and minorities.
  • Promoting and protecting human rights:. The Sociological Program applied qualitative and quantitative methods in studying human rights awareness and discrimination practices among Public Order Police officers in three regions in Bulgaria.
  • Prevention of Internet bullying behaviour:. The Sociological program, together with the Bulgarian Safer Internet Center (SIC – a section within the Information Society Program of the ARC Fund) participated in activities for preventing cyberbullying among youngsters by developing a common approach/tool which can help young people, school teachers, counselors or even parents when identifying the danger and risk associated with harassment and violent behaviour over the Internet.
  • Evaluation of public policies and programs. The Sociological Program has enhanced its capacity to develop methods and indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of public policies in several key fields, such as migration and integration, justice and home affairs, and violence against children. Methodologies were prepared for Best Practices Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment and for Program Evaluation in the Field of Integrating Children – Victims of Trafficking.
  • Development of expertise in the Sociological program and institutional cooperation: Experts from the Sociological Program have provided methodological support and have collaborated with external organizations in several key areas:
    - Participation in the Advisory Board to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works.
    - European Police and protection of human rights.
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