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In 2012 the European Program was renamed to Security Program. The new name reflects more accurately the long-term focus of the program on national and international security topics.

2012 Highlights

  • The Security Program concentrated its efforts in three main areas: 1) developing a serious and organised crime threat analysis in Bulgaria; 2) research on policies related to forfeited criminal assets; and 3) study of corruption in law-enforcement agencies, with specific emphasis or border police and criminal police.
  • Assessing the threats of serious and organised crime in Bulgaria. An analysis of the criminal markets and of good practices in countering organised crime was developed and its results were published in the report Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2010 – 2011. In addition, a methodology for assessing those threats was developed addressing the needs of specialized agencies, and an education module based on it was designed to be utilized by professors and students at the Ministry of Interior Academy.
  • Forfeited criminal assets. Another important focus of the Security Program was the study of good European practices in countering organised crime through uncovering money laundering operations, confiscating the proceeds from illegal activities, and their further use for social purposes.
  • Anti-corruption measures and policies at law-enforcement agencies. A comprehensive review of good practices in cooperation between border police and customs administrations in applying anti-corruption measures at the EU external borders was completed as a follow-up to last year’s CSD research on the link between corruption and organised crime in the 27 EU Member States. This was the third EU-wide report commissioned by the EC in the area of Justice and Home Affairs successfully implemented by CSD.
  • A start was given to an initiative of CSD to facilitate the exchange of best practices in countering police corruption among several EU Member States.

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