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In 2011, the European Program focused on its already traditional areas:(1) analysis of organised crime markets in Bulgaria and development of a methodology and report on organised crime threat assessment; (2) study on the dynamics and trends of conventional crime in Bulgaria; (3) national and international security issues; and (4) studies on security and interaction among institutions securing border control at the external borders of the EU.

2011 Highlights

  • Organised crime threat assessment in Bulgaria, the Balkans and the European Union. CSD in cooperation with the Customs Agency held an international conference focused on countering cigarette smuggling in the Balkans, participants at which were high ranking civil servants from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, as well as the Customs administrations of the Balkan states. A thorough study was conducted on the Italian policies related to countering mafia and practices on confiscation and administration of assets form criminal activities, and a reader, Antimafia, was compiled and presented at an international seminar.
  • Monitoring and prevention of conventional crime. The completion of the 2010 National Crime Survey marked the 10th year since the first such survey was carried out. The accumulation of data enabled the publication of an analysis of the dynamics of conventional crime in Bulgaria covering the period 2000 – 2010.
  • National and international security. A public discussion was held on National and International Security in the 21st Century. The participants made an assessment of newly emerged threats such as cyber terrorism, energy security, the link between organized crime and international terrorism, etc.
  • Expanding research areas. Expanding research areas. After the successful completion of the study on the link between corruption and organised crime in the EU, in 2011 the European Program carried out another EU-wide study focusing on best practices in the cooperation between border guards and customs administrations working at the external borders of the European Union. Currently the European Program is working on a study of anti-corruption measures in EU border control in all 27 Member States.
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