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Law Program - 2011: Public Confidence in Justice, Information Technologies in the Judiciary, Penitentiary System Reform, and Monitoring of Racism and Xenophobia.

In 2011, the Law Program’s efforts were focused on four main topics: public confidence in justice; information technologies in the judiciary; penitentiary system reform; and monitoring of racism and xenophobia.

2011 Highlights

  • Public confidence in justice. The Law Program published a policy brief and brochure on the use of indicators measuring public confidence in criminal justice as a policy assessment tool. The level of public trust in the police and the courts and the need of introducing public confidence indicators were discussed at a conference hosted by CSD.
  • Information technologies in the judiciary. A compendium of best practices E-Tools for Criminal Case Management within Selected EU Member States, published by the Law Program as a multilingual CD, was presented at a series of training seminars for judges, prosecutors and police officers.
  • Penitentiary system reform. A study Penitentiary Policy and System in the Republic of Bulgaria, was published, offering in-depth analysis of the conditions in Bulgarian prisons and the situation of inmates. During the public presentation of the book, its conclusions and recommendations received support from the Minister of Justice, the Ombudsman and senior judges and prosecutors.
  • Monitoring of racism and xenophobia. Monitoring of racism and xenophobia. CSD joined the Rights, Equality and Diversity (RED) Network – an independent research network composed of 17 research institutes and civil society organizations in EU Member States. The Law Program is responsible for monitoring racism and xenophobia in Bulgaria and for inputting relevant data into the RED Network early warning system and atlas.
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