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Coalition 2000 Announced the Result from its Second Small Grant Competition
On October 22, 1999 a meeting of the Steering Committee of Coalition 2000 was held at the Center for the Study of Democracy, which discussed the results from the second Small Grant competition of Coalition 2000. Zhivka Damyanova, Program Manager for Coalition 2000, announced that 38 project proposals had been received. 7 of those were approved by the Steering Committee of Coalition 2000:

Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development
Title of the project: Measures to fight corruption in local government

Association “NSO Lecturers” – Plovdiv
Title of the project: Citizens and local government – united for Plovdiv with no corruption

Regional Association “For the Revival of Civil Society” – Pleven
Title of the project: Citizens – corruption – local government – Phase II

Bulgarian Youth League “Stefan Stambolov” – Smolyan
Title of the project: Awareness campaign “For Clean Future”

Black Sea Law Community – Bourgas
Title of the project: Program to fight corruption in the Customs and in the health care system in the region of Bourgas. Corruption monitoring.

Center for the Study of Political Processes – Shoumen
Title of the project: Transparency in Local Government – Phase II

Independent Ecological and Social Inspectorate – Varna
Title of the project: Clean hands

Emil Tsenkov, Coordinator of Coalition 2000, made a review of the Coalition preparation efforts for its second Anti-Corruption Public Forum. Several publications were planned for the forum:

- A report on the corruption situation in the country;
- A report about the activities of Coalition 2000 so far;
- A resume of initiatives aimed at enhancing transparency in local government (“Dialogue and Trust”);
- Legal analysis of international anti-corruption acts.

All of the publications will be first presented for approval by the Coalition 2000 Steering Committee at its next meeting to be held at the beginning of December 1999.

Boyko Todorov, Director of the Information Center on the Council of Europe and a Member of the Steering Committee of Coalition 2000, made a review of recent international papers on corruption. They include the Civil Law Convention on Corruption of the Council of Europe, promoting for the first time compensations for victims of corruption, and the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption of the Council of Europe with its monitoring mechanism. According to Mr. Todorov, state institutions and non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria should be prepared to accept a number of EU legal regulations concerning the fight against organized crime and corruption. There is also a good chance for the model or private-public partnership developed within the framework of the Coalition 2000 process to be reproduced in the implementation of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe.

Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Vitosha Research, the sociological agency producing the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000, shared his experience from the 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference “Global Integrity: 2000 and Beyond” held in Durban, South Africa at the beginning of October 1999. Both Dessislava Bijeva, Program Management Specialist with USAID/Bulgaria, and Katia Hristova-Valcheva, Executive Director of Transparency International – Bulgaria, stressed that at the Durban Conference (attended by 1,600 participants from 134 states) Coalition 2000 was showcased as a model for a successful initiative to fight corruption in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Ognian Shentov, President of the Center for the Study of Democracy and a Member of the Steering Committee of Coalition 2000, pointed out that Bulgaria could use the innovative approach to fighting corruption in local government currently applied in the Korean capital of Seoul. The municipality of Seoul has created a data base containing information about all deals concluded on the territory of the Korean capital. The information is available on the Internet free of charge.
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