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Third Country Training Program on Anti-Corruption Education in Slovakia
The regional office of World Learning in Sofia, Bulgaria in the framework Europe and Eurasia Regional Participants Training Program and in cooperation with Coalition 2000 organized a training program between 2 and 9 October, 2004 in Slovakia. The topic of the training program was Anticorruption Education. Participants in the program were experts in drafting policies for introduction of anticorruption education in the secondary schools, representatives from the following institutions and organizations: Ministry of Education and Science, the Committee for Coordination of the Work on Combat of Corruption at the Council of Ministers, the Department on Information and Qualification of Teachers at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, media and nongovernmental organizations active in the area of anticorruption education.

The host organization of the training was Citizen and Democracy (Association), Bratislava, Slovakia in partnership with Transparency International, Slovakia.

The major goal of the training program was to acquaint the participants with the good practices in Slovakia in stimulating the political dialog regarding the reforms in the educational system, and more specifically in the civic education, as well as the good practices in forms, methodologies and educational materials used in the anticorruption education teaching in the secondary school.

The participants in the program had meetings with Mr. Ferdinand Devinsky, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Frantisek Toth, Deputy Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic and Mr. Jan Hrubala, head of the Fight Against Corruption Department of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and debated on the educational system reform, which will be implemented in Slovakia. Representatives from the National Pedagogical Institute in Slovakia presented an anticorruption textbook for the secondary schools and a program for teachers training developed in cooperation with nongovernmental organizagtions and Transparency International – Slovakia.

During the discussions with the two host organizations: Citizen and Democracy Association and Transparency International – Slovakia, and other nongovernmental organizations: Bata Junior Achievement, Partners for Democracy Association, Peer Partnership Program, the participants in the training debated over anticorruption courses conducted on projects of nongovernmental organizations and teaching materials developed by those organizations. The Slovak hosts put a special emphasis on their experience with using interactive methods for anticorruption education. Examples of such interactive education were observed in two high schools: in Bratislava and the city of Trentchin.

As a result of the training program the Bulgarian participants developed an Action plan in two parts on the basis of their observations in Slovakia and the experience in Bulgaria with an emphasis on the partnership between the state and educational institutions and Coalition 2000. The first part of the Action Plan is titled Development of educational set of materials: anticorruption manual, texts and video materials. The second part is titled Campaign for mobilizing the educational community in Bulgaria towards introduction of anticorruption education in the framework of civic education classes. In this way, the participants in the training delineated the immediate tasks in the area of anticorruption education in Bulgaria, which need attention, as well as the practical results and benefits from the training visit in Slovakia and the Europe and Eurasia Regional Participants Training Program of World Learning – Sofia.

Draft program of the training
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