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Seminar: Gauging Energy Security: European and Bulgarian Trends
On 5 April 2011 the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Institute for Energy at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to the European Commission held a seminar in Petten, the Netherlands, to exchange experience in energy security research. Participants in the discussion were Dr. Arne Eriksson, Mr. Marcelo Masera, Mr. Ivan Pearson, Mr. Andras Szikszai, and Mr. Francesco Gracceva from the Energy Security Unit at the JRC, as well as Mr. Ruslan Stefanov and Ms Denitza Mantcheva from the Economic Program at CSD.

Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Director, Economic Program, CSD, provided an overview of the Bulgarian energy sector and its key challenges, including the security of supply, corruption, poor governance, and sustainability. Major governance issues identified were the lack of sound energy strategy with clear priorities, conflicts of interest and suspicions of corruption at the highest political level, the poor management of state enterprises, the absence of adequate independent oversight and lack of transparency, as well as politically motivated privatization of assets and uncontrolled access of questionable capital to the energy sector.

While CSD provided a concise policy analysis of energy security-related risks, JRC’s staff presented their work on energy security risk assessment through modeling and simulating exercises. JRC’s staff based their framework on the interconnections between competitiveness, security, and climate, assessing the costs and benefits of different levels of energy security. While successful in institutionalizing climate policies, the EU has not been as successful in developing an energy security policy, as no objective measure of security of supply exists. Instead, the idea about energy security is often used in justifying specific policy measures. Thus, the goal of JRC’s Energy Security Unit is to develop and apply a framework on energy security that provides a basis for a rigorous quantitative analysis of EU’s energy security.

Presentation by Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Director, Economic Program, CSD, Energy Governance in Bulgaria (Adobe PDF, 1.4 MB)
Presentation by Mr. Ivan Pearson, JRC, Offshore Safety: ESU Policy Support (Adobe PDF, 91 KB)
Presentation by Mr. Andras Szikszai, JRC, Crisis Simulation in the European Gas Transmission System (Adobe PDF, 1.6 MB)
Presentation by Mr. Francesco Gracceva, JRC, Modelling energy security? A framework (Adobe PDF, 841 KB)
Presentation by JRC team - Institute for Energy, Energy Security Unit, Practical guidance for the Risk Assessment in the framework of Regulation 994/2010 (IE) (Adobe PDF, 262 KB)
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