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A series of lectures on corruption and anticorruption at the University of Shoumen
On May 9-10 and 16-19, 2001, in Shoumen a series of lectures on the issues of corruption and anticorruption were organized at the University of Shoumen. Students, professors and young representatives of parties and coalitions took part in it. Coalition 2000 was presented by the expert Mr. Petkan Iliev, Associate Professor, University of National and World Economy. The main topics of the lectures were: 1) Definitions, Forms and Schemes of Corruption. Corruption as an Obstacle to Transition Countries; 2) Monitoring of Corruption; 3) Corruption in Public Sphere. The Administrative Reform against Corruption; 4) The Economic Price of Corruption; 5) Corruption and Transborder Crime; 6) Regional Initiatives against Corruption; 7) Corruption and Journalism; 8) Civil Initiatives against Corruption; 9) International Cooperation against Corruption. International Acts for Countering Corruption.
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