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Better Management of EU Borders through Cooperation
Executive Summary
Main Report
Annex 1: Detailed Methodology Description
Annex 2: Glossary of Terms
Annex 3: Institutional Arrangements and Competencies
Annex 4: Electronic Survey to Customs Administrations
Annex 5: Electronic Survey to Border Guards
Annex 6: List of Formal Agreements between Border Guards and Customs in Member States
Annex 7: Review of Literature on Border Guards and Customs
Country study: Bulgaria
Country study: Finland
Country study: France
Country study: Germany
Country study: Greece
Country study: Italy
Country study: Lithuania
Country study: Netherlands
Country study: Poland
Country study: Slovenia
Country study: Spain
Country study: United Kingdom
Annex 9: Best Practices in the Cooperation between Border Guards and Customs
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