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Energy and Good Governance in Bulgaria. Trends and Policy Options
Full text (Adobe PDF, 3.42 MB)

The report explores the major deficiencies in the strategic, institutional, and legal framework of the Bulgarian energy sector. The analysis of the management of state-owned energy companies and large energy infrastructure projects reveals the disregard for even the most fundamental principles of accountability and control in their planning and implementation. This has affected negatively the Bulgarian taxpayers and consumers, has jeopardized the financial stability of the state-owned energy companies, and, ultimately, has reduced the energy security of the country. The report recommends that the implementation of the large energy infrastructure projects be reconsidered and be based on a sound cost-benefit analysis with regard to Bulgaria’s energy security.

Policy Forum: Energy and Good Governance in Bulgaria: Trends and Policy Options, 18 January 2011
Information for the media: Main findings of the report (in Bulgarian, Adobe PDF, 294 KB)
Press release (Adobe PDF, 161 KB)
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