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Information Day for Promoting the Ombudsman Institution in Rudozem Municipality
On 29 October, 2004 the Bulgarian Youth League "Stefan Stambolov - Smolyan organized an information day at Rudozem Municipality, Smolyan District. The event aimed at promoting the institution of the local public mediator (ombudsman). It was organized under the project Face to Face with Corruption. Institutionalization of the Public Mediator and Public Councils to Fight Corruption at Municipal Level, implemented within the framework of the Civil Society Against Corruption Program of Coalition 2000.

The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint the local authorities and citizens of Rudozem municipality with the institution of the local public mediator on the basis of the experience of the public mediator at Banite municipality who was elected in March, 2004. The event was organized under the auspices of the Mayor of Rudozem Mr. Asan Chakarov. The organizers of the event presented the Law on the Ombudsman and sample statutes for the activities of the local ombudsman. The information day attracted representatives of the municipal council of Rudozem municipality, NGOs, trade unions media and citizens. The meeting was attended by the local public mediator of Banite municipality Ms. Zorka Karipova and the Chair of the Municipal council of Banite Mr. Vesko Donchev.

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