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Innovation.bg 2010 Report

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 4 MB)


Executive summary


Gross innovation product

Innovation product
Technological product
Research product


Science and entrepreneurship in Europe
Entrepreneurship environment in Bulgaria

Investment and financing of innovation

Public financing of science and innovation
Bulgaria in the European Research Area
National funds and programs for R&D and innovation financing

Human capital for innovation

Academic career, employment in R&D and high-tech sectors
Education level, quality of the education product, and lifelong learning

Information and communication technologies

The information and communication technologies sector
Diffusion of information and communication technologies
Impact of information and communication technologies on innovation

Bulgarian innovation policy: options for the next decade

European initiatives in support of innovation
European innovation policy prospects
Bulgaria’s innovation policy as EU member
Recommendations for the establishment of a working national innovation system

Appendix: Methodological notes, sources of information and definitions


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