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Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000 for the first quarter of 2004
On March 17, 2004 Coalition 2000 presented the latest corruption indexes of the business sector based on a survey of businessmen in Bulgaria, conducted in February 2004.

The major conclusions made by Alexander Stoyanov, Director of Vitosha Research were that susceptibility to corruption among the business sector remained high and unchanged since the last survey in November 2003. Businesses consider corruption as the major obstacle to their work; next come the unfavorable conditions for the development of business in the country and the third factor mentioned is low incomes and crime.

Since previous surveys have proved that public procurement remains one of the areas of public life where corruption remains very high, the latest survey focused on that area of public life. Whereas in November 2003, 42.1 % of the interviewed companies gave bribes to win a public tender, in February, the number comes to 50.4 %. According to BIA, quoted by Vitosha, the overall value of public tenders for 2003 was 2,5 bln. Leva, and hence the size of bribes is significant and seriously hampers the development of business. Only 2.8 % of businesses have sought the help of police in cases when they have witnessed corruption practices. The reason for this according to the survey in 55.9% of cases is because the police institution is not trusted and there is “no sense in trying to complain.” 33% of businesses think that the government does not take any measures to limit corruption practices. This number remains as high as it used to be in the previous survey.

According to the February 2004 survey, the most corrupt professional groups are as follows: 82.4 % - customs officials; 64.5 % - policemen; 64.3 % - leaders of political parties and politicians; 58,2 % - MPs, 58.0% - tax administration; 56.1% - ministers; 54,8% - doctors; 54.6% - mayors and municipal council officials; 53,7 % - judges. The spread of corruption in the business sector comes to 36.7 %.

Media coverage (in Bulgarian only)
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