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The Informal Economy in the EU Accession Countries: Size, Scope, Trends and Challenges in the Process of EU Enlargement


Introduction (PDF, 331 Kb)

The Informal Economy in Central and Eastern Europe - Obstacle to European Integration or Bridge Between the EU Member States and the Accession Countries?, Boyan Belev

Part I. Assessment ofthe Informal Economy: Methods and Approaches (PDF, 1.32 Mb)

The Size and Development of the Shadow Economies and Shadow Economy. Labor Force of 22 Transition and 21 OECD Countries: What Do We Really Know?, Friedrich Schneider

Going Informal:Benefits and Costs, Simeon Djankov, Ira Lieberman, Joyita Mukherjee and Tatiana Nenova

Shadow Economy and Institutional Change in Transition Countries, Dominik H.Enste

Poverty and Informality in Southeast Europe, Alexandre Marc and Zeynep Kudatgobilik

Part II. The Informal Economy in Central Europe and the Baltics (PDF, 508 Kb)

Why People Evade Taxes in the Czech and Slovak Republics: A Tale of Twins, Jan Hanousek and Filip Palda

Informal Labor Market and Informal Economy during the Economic Transition: The Polish Perspective, Maciej H.Grabowski

Behind the Informal Economy:Estimating,Explaining,Counteracting, Guoda Steponaviciene

Barriers to Participation:The Informal Sector in Emerging Democracies. The Case of Hungary, Laszlo Kallay

Part III. The Informal Economy in Southeast Europe (PDF, 520 Kb)

Use of Households Survey Data to Estimate the Size of the Informal Economy in Romania, Lucian-Liviu Albu and Mariana Nicolae

Transactions versus Work:The Informal Economies in Bulgaria in the 1990s, Tanya Chavdarova

Tax Avoidance in Bulgaria: The Human Capital Approach, Andrey Zahariev

Characteristics of Informal Sector Development in Albania, Genc Ruli

Part IV. Early Warning and Risk Reporting for Good Governance and Against Corruption (PDF, 426 Mb)

The Risks of Corruption and Anti-Corruption Strategies, Wim van Meurs

Corruption or State Failure?, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

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