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Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention


1. Corruption and Illegal Trafficking In Bulgaria (PDF, 687 kb)

1.1. Definition and General Characteristics of Illegal Trafficking.
1.2. Corruption and Illegal Trafficking: Parallel Classification.
1.3. Origin and Development of Smuggling Channels In Bulgaria.
1.4. The Role of Customs.

2. Forms and Schemes of Transborder Crime (Illegal Trafficking) (PDF, 587 kb)

2.1. Illegal Trafficking In Goods.
2.2. Mass Trafficking ("The Suitcase Trade").
2.3. Trafficking In Drugs, People, and Objects of Historical Value.

3. Monitoring of Illegal Trafficking (PDF, 745 kb)

3.1. Methods of Measuring The Shadow Economy.
3.2. Methods of Measuring Illegal Trafficking.
3.3. Mechanism For Assessing Smuggling By Sample Methods.
3.4. Assessment of Illegal Trafficking Through Expert Surveys (An Attempt To Estimate The Volume of "Unregulated Payments").
3.5. Development of Institutional Forms of Counteracting Illegal Trafficking and Corruption.
3.6. Creating A Specialized Smuggling Index.

4. Measures Curbing Illegal Trafficking and Trafficking-Related Corruption (PDF, 587 kb)

4.1. Legal Methods of Counteraction.
4.2. Organizational and Structural Reform.
4.3. Organizational and Methodological Reforms.
4.4. Customs Reform.
4.5. Measures In The Context of Legal and Institutional Reform.
4.6. Reinforcing International Cooperation.
4.7. The Role of Civil Society.



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