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Coalition Building and Monitoring in Transition Countries


Once an "exotic" issue in the diplomatic exchanges, corruption became a constant part of the agenda of the international community in the early and mid-1990s.
In recent years, corruption has evolved into one of the priority problems of transition societies. At the same time different approaches have been elaborated both to counter corruption and to take its dimensions, survey the background factors, and the multitude of meanings it has been attributed with by public opinion. In this respect the work of Coalition 2000, which combines civil society pro-active anticorruption measures and monitoring instruments, has emerged as a unique advocacy and research tool leading to practical results.

The publication is divided into four major sections.

1. Anti-Corruption In A Transition Environment (PDF, 134 kb)
2. Implementing Anti-Corruption in Bulgaria (PDF, 200 kb)
3. "Clean Future" Public Awareness Campaign (PDF, 155 kb)
4. Local Anti-corruption Initiatives: The Coalition 2000 Local Government Transparency Program (PDF, 280 kb)


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