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Empowering Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption in South East Europe
SPAI regional conference
September 17-19, 2001
Dubrovnik, Croatia

BiH's Action Plan under Pillar 5

A state level group for the fight against corruption and organised crime (SPAI and SPOC) is currently being established. The group will consist of representatives of the FbiH and RS. The following ministries will be included:

- Ministry of Justice from both entities
- Ministry of Interior from both entities
- Ministry of Finance - Financial police from both entities
- Representatives of all ministries at the state level.

The BiH Ministry for European Integration will act as a co-ordinator for the activities of the Group.

The Government and civil society representatives agree to support the following actions:

National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan

  • Development of a national action plan for the fight against corruption and organised crime in co-operation with media and NGOs from both entities.

Time line: immediate

Co-operation with Civil Society

  • Media and NGOs from both entities will be invited to participate in the elaboration of the national action plan.

Time line: immediate

  • Meetings will be organised on a regular basis with representatives of NGOs in order to discuss proposals to implement the national action plan to combat corruption and organised crime.
  • NGOs will be invited to fully support the implementation of the national action plan.

The Group expects that once all these steps are taken and implemented, it will be possible to successfully combat all the negative phenomena in the BiH society and will create a positive environment capable to fight not only corruption but also all other types of crime.

The Group thinks that public monitoring and support are the best tools for the successful functioning of the Group.

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