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Round table: Establishing Business Coalitions for Transparency in Electronic Services at the Ministry of Finance
On February 12, 2004, Coalition 2000 together with the Applied Research and Communications Fund organized a discussion forum to debate over the introduction of an electronic supply system of the Ministry of Finance for goods and services below mandatory public procurement thresholds.

The electronic supply system is expected to be launched on the webpage of the Ministry of Finance in a month’s time. Ms. Rumyana Angelova, Chief Expert at the Information Systems Directorate of the Ministry of Finance, presented the design and described the way of functioning of the electronic supply system to the representatives of the business community: BASSCOM - the industry association of Bulgarian software development companies, the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies, the Sofia Commodity Exchange; state administration representatives from the National Revenue Agency, the Public Internal Financial Control Agency and experts from the Economic Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Economic Development.

Mr. Nikolay Stoimenov, Chief of Public Procurement Department at the Ministry of Finance, and Ms. Angelova answered various questions, concerning problems of the application of the model, whether it could guarantee transparency and effectiveness of the procedure, the advantages in front of the current practice for public procurement bids, as well as the possibilities for application of such a model at the national level from other state institutions.

The usage of the electronic signature as a condition for receiving a certificate enabling participation in the electronic procedure, the advantages and disadvantages of a secret, closed and open procedure, as well as the balance between price and quality in the assessment criteria of the proposals were the debatable points, discussed by the participants.

All concerned parties are welcomed to express their opinion in a special online forum on the topic opened at the Bulgarian Development Gateway webpage (in Bulgarian).

Agenda of the round table
Online Forum on the Bulgarian Development Gateway webpage
Presentation of the Electronic Supply System (MS PowerPoint, 11 Mb)
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