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Press conference to present Corruption Assessment Report 2003
A press conference was held on February 16, 2004 at the press-club of the Bulgarian News Agency. The main conclusions of the fifth annual Corruption Assessment Report for the year 2003 were presented to the media by Coalition 2000 experts, involved in its elaboration.

Media coverage (only in Bulgarian)

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No news on the anticorruption front in 2003. The levels of bribes remain almost unchanged since 2002 - concluded the annual report of the anticorruption Coalition 2000. Corruption became a part of our every day life and cannot impress us much. On the other hand, it takes a steady place among the most acute social problems; and for the business it is problem number one.

The steady corruption level is in contrast to the Bulgarian public's expectations for improvement, this has been pointed out by Coalition 2000's experts in the introduction to the report. "This lack of development signals that the anticorruption measures undertaken so far have been exhausted. In the last few years, anti-corruption efforts have, to a certain extent, succeeded, due to certain 'soft' forms of curbing corruption, i.e., by means of extensive public pressure. However, few of the essential structural faults that breed corruption in various segments of society have been remedied."

Coalition 2000 monitoring of corruption in Bulgaria goes back as far as 1998. According to this year’s analysis "the corruption friendly institutional environment is especially harmful since it fosters broader penetration of organized crime into the economy of the country. Informal economic actors are currently striving to migrate into the legal economy and partake in new investment projects."

Capital Weekly Newspaper, February 14, 2004
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