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Coalition 2000 End of Season Party

20 July 2000

A glimpse at the party Ms. Betina Moreira, CED Dr. Mira Prohaska, CSD Economic Program Coordinator Colin Smith, British Embassy Mr. Stanislav Daskalov, European Institute President Mr. Boyko Todorov, CSD Program Director Mr. William Foerderer, USAID / Bulgaria Contemplating the sounds of jazz Ms. Kapka Kostova, Association of Judges President Ms. Maya Koteva Ms. Olga Borisova Ms. Kapka Kostova M.P. Dimitar Abadzhiev M.P. Ivan Dimov Mr. Dimitar Vichev Mr. Ivan Sungarski Mr. Ivan Dimov Mr. Rumen Georgiev, Special Security Services Ms. Maria Yordanova, CSD Law Program British Ambassador Richard Stagg M.P. Assen Agov Dimitar Bachvarov, Council of Ministers Mr. George Prohasky, CED Director British Ambassador Richard Stagg CSD President Ognian Shentov Ms. Ekaterina Mihailova, UDF Parliament Group
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