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English-Bulgarian Corporate Governance Dictionary
The Bulgarian and South East Europe experience during the last decade indicates that a successful transition to a market economy requires not only ownership transfer, but the building up of an institutional environment as well, where private property can operate effectively while being engaged with social welfare. This is a crucial component for establishing accountable, rational and owners-oriented mechanisms for economic entities management. The problems regarding the proper identification and effective implementation of these mechanisms represent the main issues of corporate governance.

This Dictionary is the first specialized edition in the area of corporate governance. It is a part of the Corporate Governance Reform and Mass Media: Building Advocacy Capacity Project of The Center for the Study of Democracy's Economic Program, aimed at providing effective support to a wide range of media experts, reporting or analyzing the status and performance of Bulgarian companies. It will contribute for a better understanding of the internal business processes and their objective presentation, which the wide public needs.

This pocket-size Dictionary contains around 300 terms and expressions, covering the most actively developing areas of corporate governance, law, accounting and finance, stock exchange and taxation. The authors have provided a literal translation of the English terms used, while some of them are additionally explained and clarified. The terms are presented in the universally-accepted spelling and transcription, and are grouped at the end of the publication in indecis in both languages.

"In Search of Good Directors: Corporate Boards in Market and Transition Economies" (1998, CIPE, US) and "A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Selected Basic Financial and Accounting terms" (June 1994, Moscow) were used as main information sources for this Dictionary.

The Dictionary is targeted at a wide range of readers--corporate managers, shareholders, financial specialists, stock brokers, bankers, university students, lecturers and everyone involved in business.

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