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The central element of the institutional set-up of JRI is the Policy Forum. Its basic role is the process of building a consensus around the policy agenda aimed at promoting judicial reform in Bulgaria. The main elements of the institutional structure are:

  • Policy Forum of leading public and private institutions and prominent personalities;
  • Steering Committee as the means of JRI coordination;
  • Secretariat to provide operational management of the JRI.

Policy Forum

The Policy Forum is the supreme body in the JRI structure. About 150 representatives public and private institutions, foreign and international organizations are invited to participate by the JRI Steering Committee. The Forum ensures that the work carried out under the initiative by various institutions reflects a consensus of the main concerned public and private institutions. It also provides visibility to the initiative effort thus enhancing its impact.

Steering Committee

While the Policy Forum is intended to foster the general consensus on the implementation of the policy agenda proposed in the PJR, the Steering Committee provides the coordination of JRI activities and outputs. The Steering Committee meets approximately every four to six weeks and has a major role in the run-up to the Policy Forum meeting. The Committee prepares the meeting agenda through advance consultations with the Forum members. The Steering Committee is formed by the representatives of the JRI founding organizations and other major stakeholders.

Members of the Steering Committee of JRI are:

Alfred E. Kellermann - General Secretary, T. M. C. Asser Instituut, The Netherlands
Allen Weinstein - President and CEO, the Center for Democracy, Washington, DC
Borislav Belazelkov - Judge, Supreme Court of Cassation
Boyko Todorov - Director, Information Centre on the Council of Europe, Sofia
Dessislava Bijeva - Program Management Specialist, Rule of Law, United States Agency for International Development
Dimitar Abadzhiev - Member, Parliamentary Committee on Legal Issues and Anti-corruption Legislation, Vice Chairman, Legal Interaction Alliance
Dimitar Batchvarov – Director, Economic Policy Directorate, Council of Ministers; Member of the Coalition 2000 Steering Committee
Dimitar Tonchev - Deputy Minister of Justice and European Legal Integration
Ekaterina Trendafilova - Associate Professor, Sofia University, Chair of Modern Criminal Justice Foundation
Elena Avdeva – Chair, Blagoevgrad District Court
Eliana Masseva – Secretary General, Council of Ministers; Member, Legal Interaction Alliance
Iveta Anadolska - Deputy Chair, Sofia Court of Appeal
Kapka Kostova – Chair, Sofia Regional Court; Chair, Association of Judges in Bulgaria; Member of the Coalition 2000 Steering Committee; Member, Legal Initiative for Training and Development (PIOR)
Kina Choutourkova - Judge, Supreme Court of Cassation, Member of Supervisory Board, Legal Interaction Alliance
Lada Stoyanova - Deputy Permanent Representative, World Bank Office - Sofia
Lulin Matev - District Prosecutor, District Prosecution Office - Russe
Maria Serkedjieva - Deputy Minister of Justice and European Legal Integration
Maria Yordanova - Coordinator, Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy
Nelly Koutzkova – Chair, Sofia District Court; Member, Supreme Judicial Council; Member of the Coalition 2000 Steering Committee; Member, PIOR
Nickolay Ilchev - Program Director, Open Society Foundation, Sofia
Ognian Shentov - President, Center for the Study of Democracy
Richard Van Duizend - Deputy Director, International Programs, National Center for State Courts
Roumen Georgiev - Deputy Director, Specialized Investigation Office; Chair, Chamber of Investigators
Roumen Nenkov – Chairman of the Second Division of the Criminal College of the Supreme Court of Cassation
Silvi Chernev - Attorney-at-Law, Deputy Chair, Court of Arbitration with Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Temenuzhka Zhelyaskova – Lieutenant-Colonel, Chief of Financial Department, Directorate of National Police Office; Chair, European Network of Women in Police - Bulgaria
Traian Markovski – Chair, Sofia Bar Association
Valentin Georgiev - Secretary General , National Assembly; Vice Chairman, Legal Interaction Alliance
Vassilis Maragos, Economic Advisor, Delegation of the European Commission, Sofia
Vladislav Slavov – Chair, Supreme Administrative Court; Chair, Public Council, PIOR; Chair, Union of Bulgarian Jurists
William Loris – Director General, International Development Law Institute (IDLI), Rome


JRI Secretariat

For the purpose of providing ongoing support to the work of the Steering Committee, the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy acts as JRI Secretariat. The JRI Secretariat provides the day-to-day operational management, logistical support and reporting for the JRI activities.


The Center for the Study of Democracy works closely with the main international partners of the Judicial Reform Initiative - the International Development Law Institute (IDLI), Rome and the Center for Democracy, Washington, DC.



For more information: Dr. Maria Yordanova, CSD Law Program Coordinator, Tel. (+3592) 971 3000, ext. 343; Fax: (+3592) 971 2233


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