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The overall objective of this initiative is to assist the reform of the Bulgarian judiciary in order to allow it to meet the challenges of democracy, the rule of law, market economy and EU membership.

In particular it will aim:

  • To identify areas in which there is a need to improve procedural legislation and legislation applicable to the establishment and administration of the judiciary;
  • To initiate a broad public debate on the issues of judicial reform, raise the awareness and build consensus among all stakeholders as to the content and objectives of the reform and to analyze and set out conditions for greater openness and transparency as means for confidence building with respect to the judiciary, as well as conditions for speedier administration of justice;
  • To set out the conditions under which the judiciary could better absorb assistance from the European Union, as well as from other international cooperation actors;
  • To make proposals for introduction of internal control mechanisms to prevent corruption and abuse of power;
  • To establish a system for enhancing the professional skills of those working in the judicial system and allow them to be better acquainted with the legislation of the European Union..

These objectives will be achieved through the development of a Program for Judicial Reform in Bulgaria( PJR). This program is being developed through a number of working groups covering the key areas of reform. The main advantage of this approach is to give the opportunity to the persons involved in the sector to develop their program (which would be then proposed to decisions makers for endorsement) and to build consensus among all sides.

Its implementation will require the cooperation of the Council of Europe, the European Union, including TAIEX, as well as of other foreign bilateral and multilateral assistance institutions (the International Development Law Institute, Rome, the Center for Democracy, Washington, DC, ABA/CEELI, the World Bank, USAID).

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