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Priority problems of the economic transition in Bulgaria have evolved in the course of reforms. The momentum gained in the past two years has reformulated the problematic areas shifting to the pragmatic and practically oriented aspects of economic restructuring. Along with conducting quick and transparent privatization of the state sector, Bulgarian society is facing a new challenge: how to ensure effective operation of corporate units and the economy as a whole in a context characterized by dynamic changes of ownership, broad diversity of owners, and underdeveloped market economy infrastructure. 

The main objective of this project is to facilitate the adoption of relevant corporate governance standards and procedures that would ensure accountability, transparency and control in the economy. Through evaluation of existing corporate governance models, legal analysis, policy formulation, and wide dissemination and advocacy the project:

  • Assists the elaboration of a comprehensive set of practical and policy instruments that would facilitate the adoption of modern corporate governance principles through evaluation of corporate governance models and the existing legislation; 
  • Facilitates the practical implementation of modern corporate governance principles by developing a Policy Recommendation Paper on corporate governance and adopting a policy agenda through a consensus building process based on a Policy Workshop and a Policy Forum. The PRP on corporate governance is designed to present a consistent set of policy and legislative measures (action agenda) that would help develop the institutional and market infrastructure of corporate governance;

Promotes public awareness of corporate governance principles and their practical importance for the effective operation of companies and for ensuring accountability, transparency and protection of the rights shareholders through wide reaching public education and advocacy and dissemination of project results through print and electronic media and by setting up an Internet site of the CGI. 

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