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Prevention of Corruption in the Security Forces


The Center for the Study of Democracy's efforts to assess the development of trans-border crime and related corruption as well as the link between corruption and illegal trafficking made a major contribution in countering corruption in Bulgaria. In 2000 CSD developed the "Trafficking and Corruption Monitoring and Prevention" report as a public-private partnership of state institutions and non-governmental organizations. An update of this report for the period 2001-2002 was published in November 2002.

CSD made public the results of its expertise in assessing the impact of the trans-border organized crime on corruption within security forces at a number of international events, among them two international conferences, jointly organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy and the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The first one, "Corruption within Security Forces: a Threat to National Security" was held in May 2001 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and CSD facilitated the input from the Bulgarian government and NGOs in its development and implementation. The regional conference "Institutionalizing the Prevention of Corruption in Security Forces: Enhancing Preventive Structures", held in March 2002 in Sofia, Bulgaria, was a 4-day event which brought together 43 senior representatives from nine SEE countries to discuss their roles in building character and leadership within security forces and improving the cooperation between them both internally and externally.

The public-private partnership format under which they were implemented has been particularly appropriate as they have allowed participants to work towards the development of integrated responses to corruption. The same format is being applied in the current process of building a capacity of the law enforcement agencies in Bulgaria to address new security threats and to counter corruption within the security forces.

As a follow up to this work, CSD is currently working on capacity building for the Bulgarian security forces in their anti-corruption mandate. The project is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and includes cooperation with the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior and the Military Academy on an anti-corruption training course for both institutions. The objective is to enhance the capacity of the academies to deliver anti-corruption content to their trainees and thus support the long term ability of the Bulgarian security forces to counteract corruption. The pilot effort includes a course of anti-corruption lectures and the development of a training resource manual.

On 17 October 2002 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Military Academy. The MoU outlines the scope of the cooperation between the CSD and the Academy, and in particular the contribution that the CSD will make to enhancing the Academy’s capacity to provide anti-corruption training. The MoU was signed at an official ceremony at the Military Academy in the presence of General Atanas Zapryanov, Rector of the Military Academy, Dr. Ognian Shentov, Chairman of CSD, H.E. Rolf Baltzersen, Ambassador of Norway, Ambassador Boyko Noev, former Minister of Defense and Director of the European Program at CSD and others.

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